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The 15th Annual Conference of The International Programme Evaluation Network (IPEN)21 April 2015

The 15th Annual Conference of The International Programme Evaluation Network (IPEN)

September 23-25, 2015
Kyiv, Ukraine



The success of social and economic changes, transformations and reforms in society, from the experience of countries with various political and economic systems, often depend on the quality and effectiveness of decisions, public policies and state programmes. Towards the improvement of the quality and efficiency of public administration, public policies, civil society organizations activity and decisions at various levels, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is applied in order to: observe end results, distinguish successes and failures, learn lessons, and make more reasonable decisions towards the desirable development of society. That is why today such close attention is paid to the practice and implementation of M&E, as well as capacity-building in this field at the national level.

Understanding the importance of M&E in 2014, the United Nations General Assembly for the first time adopted a resolution devoted to evaluation, and in 2015 declared an International Year of Evaluation. This emphasized the importance of the development of national capacity, and the need to consolidate efforts to implement M&E in work practice for both state and non-governmental sectors.

The International Programme Evaluation Network (IPEN) is carrying out its 15th conference in 2015 for the International Year of Evaluation, which is devoted to the role of M&E in the implementation of social and economic reforms, and further, the adoption of administrative decisions.

Conference organizers include IPEN, the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine and the CCC Creative Center. Conference will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine on September 23-25, 2015. 

The main objectives of the conference are the exchange of experience and the development and strengthening of national capacity in the field of M&E in order to improve the adoption of administrative decisions. On this basis, social and economic reforms can be implemented towards the improvement of the standard of living of the population.

The conference will focus on the following subjects:

  • how M&E can assist new challenges in the course of transforming and reforming society;
  • how M&E can improve the quality of state programs, policies and administrative decisions;
  • the role of M&E in the improvement of general administration efficiency, and specifically public and municipal management;
  • the role of civil society in M&E of projects, programs and policies;
  • civil society organizations experience and lessons learned of use of M&E in their activity;
  • M&E in international aid and development results;
  • M&E practice in solving new management tasks;
  • promoting equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluation approaches;
  • planning and use of the results-based M&E;
  • legal framework of implementing M&E as a necessary and obligatory component of public policies, national development strategies and programs;
  • approaches to the formation of organizational culture that integrates M&E into decisions-making processes;
  • professional development  and capacity-building of M&E at the national level, and education and professional development in M&E.

The conference format will consist of presentations of key speakers, panel discussions and interactive plenary sessions. Parallel thematic sessions for participants making reports and presentations are also included, as well as a session for poster presentations

The working languages of the conference are both Russian and English. Applications for participation are to be submitted electronically by May 15, 2015 http://eval-net.org/view_konf.php?id=2015 . The application includes information on the participant, as well as a thesis of the report or presentation. The selection of applications is competitive. The Selection Committee will select submitted applications according to:

  • relevance: the proposal is to suit the conference theme;
  • clarity: the proposal is to clearly outline the topic featured in the presentation, as well as its main concept or idea;
  • new knowledge: the proposed theses or presentations are to impact M&E development, and to introduce new information in M&E at the national and/or regional levels.

Also factored for selection is both the experience and activity of the author in M&E.

Results of the application will be reported no later than June 15, 2015.

The conference programme will be published on July 1, 2015.