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Counterpart Creative Center has got essential experience in evaluation of non-governmental organizations needs, projects, programs and development in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia.

What is Evaluation?

Evaluation stands for a process of information gathering and analyzing intended to determine whether actions conducted answer the purposes planned. Evaluation is conducted in order to analyze the activity results and effect achieved; and to correlate them with certain criteria. According to the evaluation conducted there will be a conclusion about program, project, or organization efficiency, and recommendations for future will be submitted.

Evaluation kinds:

  • according to what we are evaluating:
    • Needs evaluation – defining what we need to achieve the goal (e.g. what knowledge or skills we lack for organization development; what training requires are).
    • Project evaluation – evaluating efficiency of project performance according to the tasks planned, objectives, work plan and results.
    • Organizational improvement evaluation – evaluating organization work, defining development stage and quality of work.
  • according to who is evaluating:
    • External evaluation engages an independent expert who does not work within organization and even doesn't refer to it with any links, which can result in a conflict of interests.
    • Internal evaluation involves people working within project of organization.
  • according to the evaluation performance term
    • Intermediate evaluation is conducted during project performance in order to achieve goals more successfully.
    • Final evaluation is conducted when the project is over in order to find out whether the project goals are achieves, whether project results planned are completed.
    • Influence evaluation is conducted after a while when the project is over (in half a year or in a year). There is an analysis of changes which have taken place after the project performance.

Among those who ordered CCC evaluation services there were: the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR); Counterpart Alliance for Partnership program (CAP); MATRA Program by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; British American Tobacco UkraineCaritas Czech Republic Foundation; Ukrainian-Canadian Community Economic Development Program; the Klitschko Brothers Foundation, and so on.

CCC has become one of the International Program Evaluation network founders (www.ipen21.org) in Moscow. CCC experts actively take part in work of this network, which aims at information exchange in the field of evaluation performance, up-to-date tends and directions.

For more details of CCC evaluation experience see Research and analytics.

At the disposal of CCC there is an experienced evaluation professional team that includes experts with experience in various society spheres and sectors.

Evaluation service list:

  • intermediate and final project evaluation;
  • influence evaluation of projects performed;
  • needs evaluation;
  • organizational improvement evaluation; and evaluation consulting.

In the matter of evaluation please contact Volodymyr Kupriy.