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"If we want to be a part of Europe, if we want to become world power, a world accepted nation, we need first-class specialists, and this is a training by means of what we can solve this question"

From Trainer School participant report

CCC trainings aim at:

  • the result: if our training programs do not change anything in the society, we should consider ourselves unsuccessful
  • quality: we do not offer training programs, which were not proofed within our organization
  • practical use: each CCC trainer includes real-life NGO experience into the training program

Why do the training participants turn to CCC?

Since 1993 till 2008 our training team has conducted about 1320 trainings with 22820 participants. Apart from Ukraine, there were trainings conducted in Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia.

Every training is adopted to the clients' needs in order to justify and to surpass participants' expectations; to point them toward definite results. Our team with a staff of 11 trainers conducts trainings throughout Ukraine and the CIS countries.

CCC is actively collaborating with business structures. Eight of our business trainers conduct trainings, adopted to the local conditions. These trainings are devoted to business and marketing plans elaboration; to financial reports working out and to cash flow projections. Such trainings are conducted in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia

CCC provides more than 65 training modules, worked out on the basis of NGOs, territorial communities, authorities, and business structures needs detailed research. Training modules are constantly renewed.

We share our trainer experience. 193 NGO representatives from Ukraine, Belarus and Armenia have attended our NGO Trainer School, the first of a kind in Ukraine.

CCC trainings participants

NGO representatives, community activists, business structures and authorities representatives, and mass media.

How to attend CCC trainings?

  • Within CCC training programs. As soon as new training programs appear, they are announced at CCC website, in the electronic bulletin Key to funding from CCC, or you can phone us directly. Unfortunately, the amount of programs, within which we are able to conduct free trainings, is limited at the moment
  • While working at the new project, you can put CCC training services for your organization, personnel or clients into your project plan. 
  • You are welcome to order individual or corporative CCC trainings.

Whether you would like to take advantage of CCC training services, please call us or contact Volodymyr Kupriy.

Evaluation school

Counterpart Creative Center has more than ten years of experience in research and evaluation. Regular evaluation of CCC organizational capacity and services involving home and international experts helps CCC remain one of the leaders in the third sector of Ukraine. Creative Center has essential experience in evaluation experts training, and owns a net of local organizational evaluation and projects evaluation experts.