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Evaluation school

Counterpart Creative Center has more than ten years of experience in research and evaluation. Regular evaluation of CCC organizational capacity and services involving home and international experts helps CCC remain one of the leaders in the third sector of Ukraine. Creative Center has essential experience in evaluation experts training, and owns a net of local organizational evaluation and projects evaluation experts.

As things stand now, Ukraine fails in actions which could provide evaluation experts from Ukraine and the former Soviet republics with evaluation experience and information exchange. Ukraine fails in actions, which could introduce new evaluation concepts and technologies. There is an urgent need in local evaluation trainings and seminars for experts to perform evaluation within Ukraine.

In this way, CCC initiates Evaluation school for the purpose of local evaluation specialists group training and experts professional skills raising.

Evaluation school invites non-governmental organizations representatives and state employees from Ukraine and other countries who aspire to get knowledge and skills in evaluating management efficiency within organization, and evaluating program managing; and to learn international evaluation standards. School trainers will be the leading home and international experts with essential evaluation experience in the CIS countries.

Whether you would like to participate in Evaluation school, please keep up with announcements at our website.