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Assessment of the State of Civil Society Development and Citizens’ Participation in Ukraine” was aimed atexamining the development of civil society in Ukraine and the real level of citizens’ participation, understanding the motivation of citizens for civic activity and determine the obstacles to it. The research was also aimed at answering a range of questions, such as: Who are the members of Ukrainian civil society? How do Ukrainian citizens get involved in civic activities? What is the extent of citizens' trust to the civil society participants? What motivates the citizens to unite, which questions make them unite and where do they gather? Which resources are required to involve the citizens in civic activity and what should be done to intensify it?


In the days when charity is on the rise and organizations designed to be engaged in charitable activities in line with their mission as well as the pop stars, politicians, famous sportsmen and authorities are starting to pay greater attention to charity one crucial issue comes up. This is the issue of charity effectiveness. Around the globe charity is viewed as activities that can improve the lives of financially disadvantaged people as well as an opportunity to change people’s lives and communities’ well-being for the better. Therefore here comes the ultimate question that we have to find an answer to: What is social and economic value of charitable organizations in Ukraine?

The report has two parts. The first part includes information on the overall concept of the evaluation of the social and economic contribution of the Ukrainian charitable organizations to the national economy. The second part has two chapters. The first chapter includes the economic overview of the Ukrainian charitable organizations’ contribution over the past few years. The second chapter presents a methodology of the evaluation of the social and economic contribution based on the modern international and national methodological experience.

Models for financing advocacy organizations, research institutions and think tanks by local sources of finance

The CCC Creative Center completed a study in the period of March – April 2013. The study’s goal was to identify the best local fundraising practices used by different Ukrainian advocacy organizations, research institutions and think tanks operating in various fields

Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine. The State and Dynamics (2002-2011)

This publication presents the results of the annual survey of Ukrainian civil society organizations (CSOs) conducted in May 2012. The major goal of the survey was to observe the capacity of Ukrainian CSOs for sustainable development during 2002-2011. Also, the publication presents the dynamics of CSO activity during last ten years (2002-2011).

Glossary of terms and concepts used in civil society

Civil society in modern Ukraine is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. Understanding terms and concepts of civil society is complicated by the fact that they are studied by different social sciences (sociology, political science, history, social philosophy, etc.), each of which has its own traditions and schools. Absence of unified opinion in understanding and interpretation of these terms and concepts often leads to misunderstandings among activists of non government organization and public, professional or academic institutions. Very often overcoming of this misunderstandings spent much time and effort.

This glossary aims at summarizing the existing definitions and introducing them not only from the point of view of the traditional sciences of society, but also from the point of view of activist of civil society, who directly carries out activities in this area. In this glossary in shortened form available most important information of the main terms and concepts used in civil society.

We hope that this glossary will be useful for community activists, representatives of public organizations and authorities, as well as for anyone interested in "third sector".

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