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Spatial Planning for Economical Growth: Practice and Legislation Analysis (A.Tkachuk, O.Vrublevskyi)

The edition is devoted to the matter of town planning documentation for villages and settlements and contains brief analysis of both current legislation in Ukraine and those reasons which make village and settlement councils work out town planning documentation.

This work also contains brief comments on positive and negative impacts of town planning documentation on community development or its absence.

The edition is also out of the ordinary for the analysis of different concepts on operating town planning documentation for rural settlements is examined in the light of complicated demographic and economical situation in villages and settlements. It also proposes potential concepts of reforming administrative-territorial system in Ukraine and reflects peculiarities of operating town planning documentation particularly for suburban and remote settlements.

The edition is intended for village and settlement heads, deputies of rural authorities, community activists, and everyone partial to the future of rural settlements.

Handbook on NGO management: FOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS

CCC Creative Center is pleased to attract your attention to a new edition Handbook on NGO management: FOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS. This publication is a handbook edited within the project “Voice of Community”.

The book consists of four main chapters:

  1. NGO management;
  2. Project Writing;
  3. Human Resources Governing;
  4. Public Business Relations.

Each chapter of the publication consists of theoretical and practical parts. Practical examples listed in the book make up the embodiment of theoretical materials adopted and worked out in the present-days realities of the third sector in Ukraine.

The publication also includes laws regulating the activity of public organizations (Law of Ukraine “On Citizens' Associations” and Law of Ukraine “On Youth and Children Civic Organizations”). We tried to make this handbook practical and useful as far as possible for providing the readers with the opportunity to see how the theory of NGO management is turned into practical tool of raising vitality of the third sector organizations.

Community media in Ukraine: Handbook

The edition is devoted to the important element of civil society – community media. It covers a wide range of matters on the diversity of community media and their functions, theoretical basis of their activities; puts forward and systemizes practical experience of community media in Ukraine and the world on the whole.

The handbook was edited by the results of the “Community Media Centres Building in Rural Area” Project implemented by the Counterpart Creative Center (Kyiv) in partnership with the Center for Public Initiatives (Perechyn) under financial support of the European Union.

Intended for representatives of community media, civil society organizations and everyone who is interested in community media activity and civil society problems in Ukraine.

Annual Report by the Results of TOLOKA Partnership Project Implementation in 2003

We call your attention to the annual report by the results of Ensuring the Implementation of Territorial Community Rights Guaranteed by the Law "On Local Selfgovernment in Ukraine partner project implementation in 2003. The project is introduced by three Ukrainian non-governmental organizations – Counterpart Creative Center, Civil Society Institute and Committee of Voters of Ukraine. It became more famous by its shortened title “TOLOKA”. The ancient Ukrainian word “toloka” means common volunteer work for the benefit of the community. In this way by means of uniting the efforts of non-governmental organizations, and partial active citizens, we see the opportunity to build influential, true local self-government in Ukraine.

LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT IN COMMUNITY: Handbook for deputies of local councils and community activists

The handbook compiles materials concerning intensification of activity by local autonomous bodies and community itself with the help of juridical mechanisms originating from the legislation of Ukraine. The handbook also includes practical pieces of advice on establishment of legal regulation of local council and its bodies, as well as exercising the rights of community provided by laws “About local self-government in Ukraine” and “About citizens' self-organization bodies”. There is also a range of projects of typical local legislations on these matters. All the elaborations included into the handbook have gone through approbation by real practice in different cities of Ukraine. The handbook is intended for deputies of local councils, for public activists, public organizations and party centers acting in the communities.